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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Games I'm Playing Right Now - Part 2

I'm debating the possibility of making this a weekly/semi-weekly topic on which to post. As I mentioned before, I tend to play a fair number of games, and as such, I would have a new batch of games to talk about fairly regularly. So instead of rehashing a bunch of stuff, let's just dive into the games that are currently tickling my fancy.

Full Auto
I can't believe how much undeserved hate this game is getting. It is easily one of the most entertaining games out there for the 360 right now (although I guess depending on your perspective, that ain't saying much). It's fast, it's got shiny cars and guns, and yes, it actually has quite a bit of strategy going for it. Sure, the back of the box probably reads like a generic parts bin for mass-market gaming features (rewinding time, exaggerated car physics, nitrous, and the aforementioned shiny cars and guns), but I'll be damned if when you put 'em all together, you don't get a really fun game - and isn't that what it's all about? Full Auto will probably join the elite list of Xbox 360 games I bother to beat.

Fight Night Round 3
I am a perversely huge boxing fan. It is the only sport I watch with any sort of regularity, and in this case, regularity means several times a week. Thus, I'm probably not the best person to objectively score this game. Thankfully, I am in no position where objectivity is a requirement. This game is fucking awesome! If you're any sort of gaming fan, you probably already know the graphics are mind-blowing, so I'm not even going to go into just how great they are (best of the generation). This game's play is really where the series has always shined for me. You see, even with the incredibly annoying parry system that the series has floated for years, this game can still be played very much like a real boxing match, in that positioning, punch choice, and counterattacking are all vital strategies that you need to employ to win. They've gotten rid of the haymaker travesties that plagued the last game, and they've added several new offensive and defensive styles that really add to the wholeness of the experience. I've only played a handful of matches (including a few over Xbox Live, which were fantastic), but already I can see I'm going to be playing this game for quite some time. It is truly that awesome.

State of Emergency 2
I didn't even know this game was out - even the publisher's website has the release date listed as sometime in early April. I just happened to be in my local video game store buying Fight Night when I saw it behind the counter. Anyway, this series seems perpetually maligned. The original was released shortly after Grand Theft Auto 3, and was (wrongfully) marketed as a sort of spiritual brethren to its label mate. It sold reasonably well based on this characterization, but it was regarded harshly by many for its perceived shortcomings. The sequel seemed doomed to vaporware status, jumping publisher, then developer, being shown at one E3, then not the next, only to appear again the following year. Ultimately, the game has emerged triumphant, although not unscathed.

You see, the original SoE had this charm about it, primarily because it was so busy. The cusp of the game was that the player was some sort of freedom fighter in the midst of political unrest. To further the aims of your comrades, you would engage in various missions, but that's not where the game's draw lies. You see, you would perform these missions in the middle of full-scale riots. There were dozens and dozens of people everywhere, clogging the halls and streets of every location. It was downright mesmerizing - particularly so, I think, because of the game's charmingly simple graphical style; a technique no doubt utilized to permit the raw volume of people the game allowed. The sequel, tragically neuters a great deal of the chaos in favor of a more focused end. You see, it's obvious that the developers want to tell a story now, and in adding the order they felt the game required to do so, the game has lost a bit of what made it special. To be fair, I'm still fairly early on, and I find a great deal of the game's charm still intact. It's just that I had expected lightning to perhaps strike twice, and now I don't think it will.

Well that about sums up the new stuff on my docket. I'm still playing some of the old stuff too, particularly The Rub Rabbits and Drill Dozer (there's something to be said for portability), but hopefully I find time enough for it all. I also hope that you all find time to play some of these games too.

Thanks for reading.


  • At 9:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You are right about FNR3's parry system. Offline it is annoying, online it is a killer to the game because so many people abuse it. It totally ruins the online experience after the newness wears off. Instead of fighting, it becomes a boring chess match. (all someone has to do is press up and left, and your jab has become useless, and they can hold it there the whole fight!)

    A real parry would require you to forcibly move one of your arms/hands to knock the other guys punch out of the way, simply holding your hand there is nothing more than a one handed block. (which in realife would be followed rather quickly by your opponents other hand!)

    EA needs to drop this, or this (at least for me) will be the first and last Fight Night I buy.

  • At 6:18 AM, Anonymous roofers in nj said…

    Well not right now but most of the time i used to play Counter Strike, Grand Theft Auto and League of the Legends. If any one want to give challenge on these games then i am ready for that.


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