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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I Suck at Geometry Wars

I'm serious. I really do.

This is fairly new to me - being so awful at a game at which so many are accomplished. My video game origins lie primarily in the arcade. When kids were at home geeking out on their consoles, I was getting to know the boys at Namco, Capcom, SNK, Midway, and Sega in a completely different way. It hadn't even occurred to me, in those early days, to be good at something purely for the intrinsic value that being good offered; being better than the next guy meant you got to stay on the machine a little bit longer.

So now, in this late stage of my gaming life, I find myself being left behind.

When the Xbox 360 was fresh and new and rare, I was somewhat not horrible. I could score in the mid 100k range, which at the time wasn't that bad. Confident in my early domination, I let my interest settle on other things. Time passed and the 360 became more prevalent. Some of my more dexterous friends started playing. It wasn't long before my score ranked dead last amongst my friends, there for all the world to see (if "all the world" can be considered the nine people I know who purchased Geometry Wars) on the Xbox Live Arcade screen. The shame of it all finally forced me to resume my campaign against the shapes (damn you, pink squares), and I am somewhat embarrassed, and somewhat proud to say I have just broken into the mid 250k range.

So don't expect any insights into the future of game design or deeper meaning or any of that crap in this post, no! Consider this me putting the Geometrically Inclined on notice - I'm coming for your scores, bitches.

Thanks for reading.


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