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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Games and Metaphor

Eric-Jon Rossel Waugh has written a very brilliant article on the dog chasing its tail that the videogame industry has become (metaphorically speaking - hah). I try to avoid making newsy-type updates, because there are tons of websites you can go to for that type of thing, but I break for insertcredit and their various crusaders. This particular topic is one of my favorite subjects, and rather timely, considering the recent back-and-forth that James Chen and I have been engaging in as of late.

Go check the article out here. I promise that as soon as things at work slow down, I will get back to posting with better regularity. In fact I've got a pretty snazzy set of topics that I'm itching to write about, not including the 8 or so games I've purchased since my last GIPRN update. Please feel free to leave comments.

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