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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I set up this domino - now knock it down.

I'm in the midst of a particularly busy time at work, which is all I'm willing to concede as to the reason for my lack of updates. But even in the midst of all that busyness, I still find time to visit Next Generation. I do so because, on occasion, Eric-Jon Russel Waugh writes articles for them. He has done so recently, and you should check it out. Not because he's right about everything - he's prone to making polarizing assertions - but because he seems well-intentioned and forward-thinking. Obviously, it helps that I find him a kindred spirit - I would love, in that distant utopia that he suggests, to make games for him. I have written designs that flirt with the subject matter that he broaches, but at the same time I am mated with the reality of the machine as it exists. So.

Eric-Jon's new essay is about leveling up. It's an exciting premise, and it lets slip my mind on wild tangents and possibilities. Necessity can be the only impetus for a viable manifestation of what he suggests, however; negative reinforcement seems to be the only motivation that stirs radical change. The industry has cast its lot with the status quo; it remains to be seen whether or not they're wrong.


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