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Friday, August 10, 2007

Jonathan Blow, Braid

I'm not yet ready to pronounce this blog dead, despite the obvious death knells. I got into a pretty bad run of simply hating on everything here, and that's not a pattern to which I want to succumb. So, while I finish up another game, I'll try to figure out how to regroup this fall with something more productive.

In the meantime, anyone still coming to this blog should check out Stephen Totilo's interview with Jonathan Blow, "indie game designer" currently working on Braid. I've been a fan of Stephen's for a while now, and while I had a passing interest in Braid prior to reading this article, what I feel about it and its creator now can only be described as "awe." I don't know if his game is going to suck, or be the second coming. I don't know if he's a nutcase or a genius. But I do know that Blow is trying really, really hard to make something noteworthy, that says something different than what has been said before, and there aren't nearly enough people in our industry doing that.

Thanks for reading.