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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Please Accept this Meager Update

Apparently, David Jaffe is unaware that when a product is marketed, occaisonally one is lied to about that product's contents. In case Mr. Jaffe is uninformed with regard to some other truisms of the world, I provide this valuable lesson: water is also wet.

I don't have many words on this subject; I think Jaffe speaks for himself pretty well. Ironically, I have never felt that God of War's marketing does the complexity of that series justice. Maybe the themes I appreciate most aren't the ones on which Sony wants to sell the game; it's their right to do so.

And just for the record, God of War is one of my favorite games ever, and my second favorite game on the PS2, right behind ICO and right ahead of Metal Gear Solid 3, so let it never be said that I'm not fair and balanced.


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